Social Media Users:Unraveling the mentality of the people using Social Media.

Unraveling the mentality of the people using Social Media.

Social media, the term has become a popular term for the millennial these days. From celebrities to normal people, there is hardly anyone who is not connected with the popular social media websites. In the world today, the social meetings and outings have largely been replaced by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These social media websites have played a key role in connecting people.


Social Media Users

Are people in social media actually jobless? Or do they use it for their work?

But what do people actually do in social media? Are they using them for their work? Or does spending time so much time in social media indicates towards the increasing joblessness among the generation Y? Well, honestly the answer is a bit of both.

In Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites, you will be able to find three distinct types of people:

The social Ones:

The first group belong to the folks who love to be connected with others. They share their views, memories or moments of their lives in their Facebook or Instagram profile. Though they are fairly active social media users; but they do not spend all day surfing through their social media news feed.

The Jobless:

Here, comes the second group of people! To be honest, people of this type do not actually have any work in their lives. And they take pleasure in browsing through their news feed and stalking others’ profile. They are the acute personalisation of the rapidly increasing joblessness through the society, literally!

Business Minds:

And the last group belongs to the entrepreneurs, artists and companies. They use their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page to promote their works or whatever they are selling. Social media acts as one of the greatest platforms for them to engage with people and increase their revenue.

Social Media Users

So can you earn money from your Facebook page? In a manner of speaking, yes you can! But Facebook or Twitter will not deposit the money to your bank account directly. Well, it does not work that way. But if you have something to sell, then it can be the best place for you to promote it and increase your sales.

The debate on whether social media is a useful or a useless thing will continue to go on. But do we need to care? Well, as long as you are satisfied with how you are using your Facebook or Instagram profile; there is nothing you need to care about. Cheers!

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