Relationships Bad Luck Myth: Real Or A Myth?

Relationships Bad Luck Myth: Real Or A Myth

Africa is a continent that is blessed by nature in all ramifications and with these blessings comes a lot of superstitions and beliefs. That have continued to guide how we relate with each other and the outside world especially when it comes to issues bothering on relationships.

One of these superstitious beliefs that are pretty strong especially in Nigeria is the belief that the kind of woman that you date can influence your life. This belief has eaten deep in the society and it now plays a huge role in the kind of people a lot of people associate with.

This bad luck relationship myth even takes precedence over issues like Genotype and tribe which is also a big issue when it comes to relationships in Nigeria and other African countries.

The She-Badluck Curse

Popular phrases like “She bring me bad luck” “Nothing good can ever come from associating with him” abound and whether you like it or not. It has become a norm that we now have to deal with. Thus, people tend to base the issues that they face in relationships to their significant other rather than other external factors that are probably more important. It is so bad that if a man loses his job after getting married, it is automatically assumed that he was sacked because of his new wife and not necessarily because of the fact that he was so incompetent at his job in the first place.

To buttress this point, I’m going to share a story that I read on a popular forum in Nigeria titled “I love her, but she brings me bad luck!!”

A Real Life Experience

I wanna know if I am being selfish here or self centered, we were engaged barely 2 months after we knew each other just because she was pregnant and I had to save her family from insults and all. I was living well, but the moment we started living together as man and wife things started going nose down for me. I am in the entertainment industry here in Ghana and back home in Nigeria, I never even get called for auditions or anything, and friends couldn’t visit me. She thinks am being taken out to meet a lady, I can’t receive calls and it’s all nag nag nag, I have female friends that are connected, but she drove them away with her jealousy.

I stayed in the relationship because I don’t want a bad name for myself or a reputation of Nigerian-Ghanian relationship that never lasts.

I decided to come to Nigeria and see maybe things will change, she came with me and we were at Abeokuta, but still, things weren’t easy. I had to walk miles from my Moms place back home before we could feed, everything just got frozen up.

A few months later, her Mother { my inlaw} came to Nigeria from Ghana, and took her daughter and my son back to Ghana, the same day they left. I was called for an audition and was paid 17,000 naira for as an assistant director, I started living comfortable and started settling down in Nigeria. That was when I started getting mails from Ghana about how my son is sick, about how I am abandoning them and stuffs, I decided to go back to Ghana, only to find my Mother in-law, 2 sister in-laws and 1 brother in-law all in my apartment LIVING THERE. I decided to stay put and try to tolerate them, but that was a decision I regretted ever making, I toiled and suffer for almost 1 year, until someone told me to come and spend few days with him and it turned into weeks , and in less than 1 month that I started living alone i was able to set myself up again, rented a self-contain, and stared living comfy again, now I am confused, I needed advice, do I call her to come live with me again or I should just live her to stay with her mom.



A story like this abound in Nigeria and the continent as a whole but is this real or is just an illusion that we just cannot shake off? The latter is obviously correct because it is what you plan for yourself that works and nothing else. So if you are experiencing “bad luck or good luck, you need to remember that it is just a phase and it will definitely pass if you are steadfast in what you do.

We cannot deny the fact that the people around us can play a part in our lives but it is more or less a catalyst and not the real substance that can determine how far we’ll go in anything that we put our hands on.

Relationships are meant to compliment us not to make us whole and it is high time we realise this fact because if we persist in this thought. We will keep passing the bulk to other people around us instead of taking responsibility for our lives.

The power of success lies in every single one of us and nobody can take that away from us if we are steadfast and diligent in all that we do.

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