Facebook Taking on TV

Facebook Taking on TV. 

Facebook TV is on high demand now, as it becomes a destination for original TV shows. (Watch)

People have always complained how addictive Facebook has been. A lot of people spend all day on it for different reasons like for business, socialising and learning… Facebook has now added Facebook TV (WATCH). So expect to spend more time than you used to on it.

The new Watch tab will showcase episodic videos that follow a theme or story arc. Users will be able to create a watch list to keep up with new episodes of their favorite shows, which will also be available to watch on Facebook’s TV app.

Facebook is now competing with YouTube and Netflix. For the last years it has been trying to move from typical text into more videos.

It has the highest numbers of subscribers/users as far as most tech companies is concerned.

So far Facebook has been all about stickability, they want its 2 billion users to stay inside its ecosystem for as long on as possible. Now they added original TV shows. This just another way for people not to leave Facebook.

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