Sexpert: Does size matter. Most people bothered about size are men because of the fear that a small member makes them less virile

Size matter

Research shows that the most people bothered about penis size are men because of the fear that a small member makes them less virile and manly or that it won’t satisfy a lover.

Welcome to the world of growers and showers. If you were born male, you’d definitely be aware of the competition on who had the biggest penis and that stretches on into adulthood.

Living has also become really difficult given the ubiquity of free easily accessible Internet pornography. The growing adult movie industry promoting unrealistic standards for penis size.  The aggressive marketing by business and companies around the world who have exploited the anxiety of men promising a bigger penis.

Using pills, pumps, extenders and other penis enlargement products said to increase the length and girth of the penis in days or your money back – haven’t you seen the spam mails?

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Furthermore, you’d agree with me that it can sometimes be teeth-pulling to get a straight answer out of a woman – worst off if she’s a size queen or amazon.

No man wants to be known as being bad in bed or not being big enough as this can pretty much kill his ego making him feel inadequate, insecure and highly irritable which could really damage his image, self-confidence and social life if word goes out. You see, not only women are bothered about their bodies and their abilities to please their partners; men clearly are too.


With 70% of men worldwide measuring about 7inch or less locked into believing that they have to have a “gigantic member” to be great lovers, though 80% of women are satisfied with their man’s penis; what do you do as a caring lover if you suspect your partner is insecure about his penis size.

My advice, speak with him some things ought to be said. Remind him that it’s not his size that pleases you but the way he uses his tool; tell him it’s based on the love, intimacy and affection he shows you before, during and after love making and on a lighter note for his big head and not his little head.

However, for the brothers also comfortable with their size, I know we could do with some reassuring remarks from our partners on how great the “Chad” was.Finally,  whether for casual sex, one night stands or relationship sex, penis size does matter and opinions vary depending on who you ask but we’d all agree that bigger isn’t necessarily better. I should also point out that every penis is unique with some pointing up “the banana”, others pointing down “the hook”, the burrito “full option” and the small or pocket rocket.


No matter what size you are, you are not alone and you can have great sex if you focus on what’s most important – pleasing your partner rather than overwhelming.


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