Contraception versus Abortion

Contraception versus Abortion

Contraception versus  Abortion. There are a lot of myths surrounding contraceptives. There is a common notion especially in this part of the world that the use of contraceptives is very dangerous. There are a lot of myths surrounding contraceptives that misleads a lot of women and they end up causing more troubles for themselves.

Contraception versus Abortion

There are many complications associated with terminating pregnancy with the exception of when it is medically advised. These complications could range from loss of blood which could lead to anemia, scaring of the uterus which could make it difficult to conceive in the future, severe infection which could lead to sepsis, and most times death. Working in hospitals I have come across so many women, young and old, married and single rushed into the emergency unit with cases of complications due to abortion, some of them come out alive and most don’t make it out. Contraception versus Abortion

The number of deaths are on the rise and its becoming alarming, but because of the law against abortion in Nigeria, women find it as a challenge to access medical intervention when face with such challenge and then they end up ingesting anything they feel could terminate the pregnancy, no matter how dangerous. This trend has to stop, especially for our young girls coming up. That is why I advocate for the use of contraceptives not just for married couples but for every woman in her reproductive age that is sexually active

Contraceptives are relatively safe, you just have to discus with a health provider to counsel you on the best method of contraception that would be suitable for you. These contraceptives would range from the use of the common barrier method (condoms) to the everyday pill, hormonal injections, implants, patches, IUD etc. The most common side effect associated with the use of hormonal contraceptives is weight gain, but that can be managed. These hormones tend to increase our appetite and if we fall for those craving, we experience a serious weight gain. This can be managed if we are able to control the cravings, you can have healthy snacks like apples, garden eggs, carrot etc. Contraception versus Abortion

Another concern in the use of contraceptives are for women who are hypertensive and also women who smoke cigarettes. If you are hypertensive, please speak with your health care provider for proper counsel on the best contraceptive method that you can used. Smoking is contract-indicated in the use of hormonal contraceptives, so ladies who smoke and wants to use any of the hormonal contraceptive method, would have to quit smoking, but if that would be a challenge you could always use the barrier method (condoms) or IUD.

Contraception versus Abortion

Please before you decide on what method to use, discuss with a medical doctor or a pharmacist for your options. You can also ask your questions in the comment section and we would discuss it together. Contraception versus Abortion

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